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Hire Angular JS developer 

Looking for an Angular JS developer to help you create a successful application? We're here to help. But before we tell you how to find and hire a good programmer for your business, let's first figure out: 

What is Angular JS? 

AngularJS is a JavaScript, front-end, and open-source web framework that enables developers to create an application. It is maintained by Google and a community of individual supporters or corporations. AngularJS developer's job is to design and develop user interfaces with the help of the AngularJS framework. They also work closely with the backend developers to create interactive web applications. 

Angular vs. AngularJS

Here are some of the advantages of AngularJS over Angular: 

  • Reusable components
  • Usage of HTML 
  • MVC (the Model View Controller) that speeds up the development process 
  • Two-way data binding  

Angular JS vs. Node JS 

Angular is also usually confused with Node JS, but in reality the difference is considerable. Node JS is a backend JavaScript framework that is used to write server-side scripting, while Angular JS is considered a front-end JavaScript framework. If used together, Angular JS and Node JS can help you build successful and scalable web applications. 

Hire Angular JS developer 

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