Request a Refund


Prior to Requesting a Refund

  • Before reporting a request for a refund, the client and the freelancer can try to resolve the issue themselves;
  • The client can not request a refund until the payment is released for the hours tracked by the freelancer;

Refund Request is Accepted

  • Once the freelancer accepts the refund request, the client will receive the funds back within 15 working days;
  • The refund will be sent on the billing method it was charged from.


Refund Request is Rejected

  • In case, the refund request is or ignored by the freelancer, the client can continue the procedure in the following steps:
  • The client receives the invoices every Monday, therefore the fund request needs to be filed by the following Friday;


For more information about Ithire requesting a refund process, please contact Ithire Support Team.


Ithire Dispute Center

Ithire offers services of Dispute Center for all our customers. The client can request assistance if the payment was released within the last 5 days. The request can be submitted via the Dispute Center page from the client account.

The client can file a dispute in the following steps:

  • Go to the “Question Mark” on your Dashboard and choose “Disputes”;
  • Click on the “Start a New Dispute” button on the Disputes page;
  • Fill out all the required fields and click on the “Create Dispute” button.