ITHire Profile Picture


ITHire values the safety and trust in our community and our team encourages every customer to respect JoinToHire terms and conditions.

- The profile picture is the image of the user registering to the ITHire platform;

- The profile picture is one of the means to verify the identity of the user;

- The profile picture can not belong to another person;

- Professional pictures may increase the success of both clients and freelancers, the first impression is important.


Do payments outside of the system violate ITHire Terms and Conditions?

- Any kind of payments outside of the ITHire system are violating the terms and conditions of the platform;

- Providing personal billing details to unfamiliar people is not advised.


Is the sharing of personal or company names allowed on ITHire?

- Users are free to share their name and company name;

- Providing personal identifying information to unfamiliar people is not advised.


When does the contract between the freelancer and the client start?
- Contract status changes when the freelancer accepts the final offer from the client.