Send Offers to Individual Freelancers


Posting a job announcement is not the only way to find freelancers. Browsing through the ITHire database of freelancers, the client can find a freelancer qualified or suitable for a particular project. 

The client can send an offer to a freelancer identifying the job description, hourly rates, and weekly hour limits.

- Click on the “Invite a Freelancer” button on your Dashboard;

- Fill in the freelancer’s E-mail address;

- Describe the job entering the job title and creating a detailed overview of the project;

- If needed, a file can be attached to the offer as well;

- Set the hourly rate and the weekly hourly limit for your project;

- Enable/Disable the Manual Time Entry feature for the freelancer;

- Click on the “Send an Offer” button and you are good to go!

The freelancer has the right to accept, negotiate the terms, and sign the contract with the client.
The freelancer has the right to reject the offer, in this case, the client can send a new offer.