Andrei Stanciu - Hire at Ithire

Andrei Stanciu


  • Hourly Rate$40-50 / Hr
  • Total Earned$0
  • Experience0 Years

Senior Web Developer

Planing, creating and coding web pages, using both non-technical and technical skills to produce websites that fit the customer's requirement. Involved in the technical and graphical aspects of pages, producing not just the look of the website, but determining how it works as well. Responsible for: - meeting clients to identify their needs and liaising regularly with them; - drawing up detailed website specifications; - designing sample page layouts including text size and colours; - designing graphics, animations and manipulating digital photographs; - registering web domain names and organising the hosting of the website; - presenting initial design ideas to clients; - coding using a variety of software; - working with different content management systems; - search engine optimisation; - meeting relevant legal requirements such as accessibility standards, freedom of information and privacy;