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Kolade Adekoya

United States

  • Hourly Rate$55-65 / Hr
  • Total Earned$0
  • Experience8 Years


  • JavaScript
  • Node js
  • Java

React Native | Android | ReactJS | NodeJS

I’m a full-stack developer with over 12 years of experience in web and mobile development. Difficulties became a part of my entire life so I always carry my lightsaber to deal with them. I am very passionate about new technologies and don't really like reinventing the wheel. I love to code and I want to contribute to the world through writing software that makes life easier and more fun! MOBILE I have extensive experience developing with the React Native and Android. I have developed many mobile applications having varied functionalities and complexities including hardware integration (Health-care), social media integration, deals, cloud data storage, Web API like rest, shop, json, Mail API, payments, analytics, location tracking, push notifications, messaging and communication. Technologies I used in my recent React Native projects:- Redux and Mobx for state management Serverless GraphQL and Graphcool. React Navigation (DrawerNavigator, StackNavigator, and TabNavigator) Jest to test the app use cases MapView and google map integrations (live location tracking) Firebase fireStore and functions Social signing and sharing (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) Video downloading, uploading and playing using react-native-video and react-native-fs OTP && TouchID for finger touch validation Realm/sqLite to manage local database In App Purchase Fabric and Hockeyapp for app distribution BugsNog for crash reporting (sentry, Crashlytics fabric) Google analytics for analysing (tracking screens) ESLint to implement rules of formatting and to avoid some general mistakes like syntax error. ES6/ES7/ES8 features like arrow function, promises, async await Version control : Git (GitHub / Gitlab / Bitbucket / Azure) / SVN / Mercury (2.5|5). Task Manager : Jira / Trello / Gitlab / Pivotal Tracker. WEB I have experience with modern web development technologies as a full-stack engineer: React and NodeJS, REST APIs, GraphQL, NoSQL/Mongo, Redis, MySQL, Haxe, and more. Additionally, I am familiar with the concept of progressive web apps, and the technologies used to create them. I feel that a wide range of projects I made, my ability to create a complete product from backend to frontend and the result-oriented mindset is what sets me apart from the rest of the competition. I put a lot of thought and effort into my code and only complete projects when the client is 100% satisfied with my work. Please contact me to discuss your project in detail and determine how my skills will positively contribute to achieving your business goals effectively.


  • Bachelor's degree, Computer Science

    Computer science