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Charlie Thomson

United States,
1:45 PM
  • Hourly rate$40 / hr
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  • Experience0+ years

Senior Web Developer

Hey), I am Charlie, I love working with Ruby, OO PHP (WordPress, Drupal, anything PHP), Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS, vanilla JS), HTML (HTML3,5, HAML), CSS (CSS2/3, Foundation, Bootsrap, SMACSS, Compass SASS). My projects were driven by PHP and MySQL on server, and Javascript on client. By years I also work with different skills, with different frameworks, which allow to make development faster. For example Zend Framework, Symfony and Yii for PHP. Jquery and Angular for Javascript. Also I tried to use some NoSQL technologies in replacement for MySQL. Of course I'm good in HTML and CSS.

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Laravel based marketplace - Sushitoria

October 8, 2017-October 25, 2017

Good work done ! Thanks Charlie . Will hire again for the future maintenance.

158 Hours$20.00 / hr

Construction company - Need a website ( We have the Design )

November 2, 2017-November 14, 2017

Responsive, with a good quality. That what we were looking to get done for our company .

56 Hours$15.00 / hr

NodeJS coder

November 17, 2017-November 21, 2017

Perfect coder.

15 Hours$25.00 / hr

Build and SEO Optimize a Squarespace website

December 6, 2017-December 30, 2017

Great Work done. Thanks man.

130 Hours$20.00 / hr

PSD file into HTML

January 17, 2018-February 7, 2018

I love the website and the design you accuratelly did.

90 Hours$18.00 / hr