Mia Tamm - Hire at Ithire

Mia Tamm


  • Hourly Rate$20-25 / Hr
  • Total Earned$22990
  • Experience8 Years


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • UI / UX
  • React js
  • React Native
  • Node js
  • Wordpress
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • Magento

Full-Stack Developer

✅ Full Stack Development (Java SE8, Java EE7, JSP 2.0, JTwig, Hibernate 5, Spring 5, Spring Boot, Play Framework, Scala, JSTL, JPA, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML 5, CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, Python, Flask, and SQL). ✅ Comfortable with front-end languages like React JS. ✅ Experience with NoSQL and Relational Database (Elasticsearch, MySQL, PostgreSQL, H2) ✅ Experiences with the following tools and platforms; Net Beans 8, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Apache Tomcat 8, Glassfish Server 4, JBoss Application Server, Maven, Gradle, and PyCharm. ✅ Functional programming (Elixir) ✅ Mobile Application development (Flutter) ✅ Analysis and design ✅ Ability to learn new technology ✅ Architectural design and agile software development. ✅ High communication skills ✅ Ability to work comfortably in these server environments (Ubuntu and Windows) ✅ RESTful Web Services and Database Management. ✅ Version Control Systems (GIT). ✅ Black, White box testing, TDD, and acceptance testing (Cucumber) . ✅ DevOps ✅ Continuous Integration. (Jenkins and Octopus) ✅ Ability to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other cloud services like Azure, GCP, and Heroku. Please, feel free to meet with me anytime.


Experienced Graphics Designer

April 8, 2021 - June 30, 0021

125 Hours | $25 / hr

Mia did a great job with a difficult set of requirements. I would gladly work with heragain.

Shopify Product Page Modal Window

August 7, 2021 - August 25, 2021

47 Hours | $23 / hr

I've had the opportunity to work with quite a few developers over the years, and Mia is one of the very best. She is a creative solver and always looking for ways to minimize hours billed.

A number of designs needed to take to production

October 21, 2021 - December 15, 2021

139 Hours | $55 / hr

Mia is a magician when it comes to taking your idea and bringing it to life in his 3D software while keeping everything in mind for the final result you're after from prototyping to production! While her rates are higher than some, the saying "You get what you pay for" stands true here. You're not just paying for her time but, her experience in this field and skills that you can tell only takes time to learn. These skills will inevitably save you both time but it will also save you money. Something to consider when choosing someone cheaper. You might pay less per hour however they could take a lot longer. In one month, I've managed to take 5 lots of products to production. Thanks again.

Graphic designer to improve mock ups

January 18, 2022 - February 5, 2022

106 Hours | $35 / hr

Very talented graphic designer, amazing self-initiative seeing the project from a larger lens and thus offering ideas and solutions that have been very valuable to the end products! You won't be disappointed with the quality of work. Very fast and trustworthy!

Website design and development.

March 7, 2022 - April 17, 2022

136 Hours | $27 / hr

Unfortunately, it's a bit of a rarity to come across such talent. You won't be disappointed! A real magician for design, making things pop and look overall great. Great to communicate with which makes any job so much better.

NFT Smart contract + minter (Back-End)

May 1, 2022 - May 30, 2022

87 Hours | $22 / hr

Responsible and diligent. Smart contract and the minting back end successfully delivered!

Back-End Developer

June 7, 2022 - July 12, 2022

97 Hours | $19 / hr

Mia did a fantastic Job for Me. She was able to understand my needs and deliver a solution in a proficient and time-effective manner. She was very knowledgeable and professional.