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  • Hourly Rate$10-20 / Hr
  • Total Earned$0
  • Experience2 Years


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Products photography

My name is Sami ,A mechatronics engineering student i can also work for electrical circuits design and developing , PCB (printed circuit board) design ,java coding , c++ coding , PLC programing,PIC programing and Arduino programing. I am also a photographer and a specialist in products photography and image editing for online stores. I have worked for many online stores ,I work on Photoshop, Lightroom and other softwares , My skills It is very good at removing the background from the products photos and replacing them with a white or transparent background to be suitable for placing them on the store or social networking sites. It is very important for me to deliver the work as soon as possible, and to be a professional work to meet the confidence of the client who gave me and chosen me, I very welcome to any comments or any amendments to the project even after the end of the project.