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Pine Script Programming 

What is Pine Script programming? Let’s skim through a quick definition: 

Pine Script is created by TradingView and is a popular programming language that is used to backtest certain trading strategies. It is also widely used in the creation of custom indicators. Here are the main advantages of Pine Script: 

  • It allows you to create trading signal alerts, and hence improves the security of your trading practices 
  • Pine Script reduces the screen time 
  • Makes the entire trading process less anxious by automating it
  • Helps you gain a more solid understanding of the price action mechanics
  • Automates also your trading analysis process 

And much more! 

To understand more about the language, we suggest taking a look at this Pine Script beginner programming tutorial.

But trust us, you don’t have to learn Pine Script yourself! You can simply hire a Pine Script developer and let him take care of it all. 

Here’s how to: 

Hire a Pine Script Developer at Ithire

Here’s what you need to do to hire the best professional at Ithire: 

  • Create an account on our platform 

Just provide us some basic details about yourself and your project

  • Tell more about your project 

Actually, go a little more in-depth with the project description cause this i the first thing your Pine Script developers will look at 

  • Choose the freelancer you want to with 

Once your job post is live, you’ll get a bunch of freelancers applying to it. Choose the one that meets your project needs the most, and start working! 

That’s all you need to find and hire the best freelancer at Ithire. So get started now and waste no more of your precious time. Our Pine Script developers will make the trading experience so much easier. 

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