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Posted a month ago

Mainly we want the SQL database to store the most recent scale value (that isn’t zero) and use that value for the app. Then, the web app just updates that value if it receives new data from the scale. This is because sometimes when there is bad cell phone connection to Particle or the network is busy the scale then shows zero. NOW Data is streamed to the web app you developed and the app only shows data if the scale is transmitting data. Therefore, when there is a bad or no connection the scale shows no weight or error. NEW We would like to store the latest weight value received (while the app was running last) within the web app database such that when there is no connection, or upon loading the web app, there is old scale values when (the bars don’t appear empty). As new data is received from the scales, this “last known value” is replaced with the new data. We are only keeping the scale values and not the temperature data. Does this make sense? I think you’ll need to setup a few new cells within SQL database to store the latest value received and instead of displaying on the web app chart the latest value you display this value from the SQL database.


  • Web Development
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  • Entry Levelhourly – (More than 6 months)

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