Fix issues with wordpress site (including new user registration and onboard)

Posted 24d ago

My website is an influencer marketing website, whereby users can signup for access to opportunities I provide them. I have an incomplete version of the MVP up now that I need to fix all issues with ASAP. After this project, I will have a much larger V2 project for the website incorporating a freemium subscription model. For the current MVP, the current onboard registration is a little restrictive. We either need to swap it out for a new plug-in or customize it to do what we need, which may require some coding to make these adjustments. The current onboard flow runs a very basic registration, which triggers a verification email, and then directs the user (via email) to arrive back to website, login and complete a WPform onboard. At the end of the onboard, however, the website dumps the user into an ugly and unprofessional plug-in default screen (prompting the user for things I don't want or care about - this whole div box needs to be removed). Instead, what should happen upon verifying the email and logging in for the first time, the user should be stepped and guided through the wpform onboard questions, which should be beautifully and seamlessly integrated (possibly as a pop-up) into the website so it feels native and following the same design as the website. When the user finishes the questions and submits at the end, they should land on a nice profile complete message with instructions on what to do next and expect (perhaps pop-up onboard disappears or loads new page). I can provide some copy for this profile complete page. This page should also have an elegant standard navigation for user to be able to edit their account information (such as name, email, pw) as well as their profile information they completed during their onboard when logging in for the first time. Logging in thereafter (once their profile is complete) should just take them to their profile complete landing page with the same instructions on how to edit. This should be similar to other influencer marketing websites you mentioned you built in the past. Currently, the user information from every field entered is also being pushed to a google spreadsheet such that every new user is printed to a new row and the data from every field completed is printed to a new column. For new sign-ups that don't complete the onboard, their signup info is still pushed to the same sheet. When a user returns to the website to update their information, this information should be pushed/printed to the google sheet. Another issue is that the header navigation in the wordpress is currently static, which doesn't make sense when the user is signed into their account. This needs to change to reflect that they are logged in (vs logged out), with the navigation to edit their information as mentioned above (when logged in). Again, this should be similar to other logged in header navigation on similar influencer marketing websites you've built in the past. Likewise, when a user logs out, the user should be redirected out of their profile login page and the old header should return. Also, I would like to see if any automated emails generated to the user from the website need to have the long string with [“via”] in the from address field vs just my domain in the sent from email address? Need to ensure the user has the ability to easily unsubscribe from all automated emails and navigation to do so on website. Upon new user signup on email verification confirmation page, I would like to beautify the frontend a little more so it is consistent with overall theme of the website. For example, changing the big green box you see and making it a little more presentable and aligned with the website design and aesthetic. Upon email confirmation, the user gets this weird plug-in generated message of “User successfully registered. Login to continue.” Is it possible to change/remove this copy so it’s more professional and aligned with a typical onboard experience and a proper instruction to proceed? Such as "Thank you for confirming your email. Please login to continue." Obviously, this message should only appear when confirming their email address and not on future sign-ins. This comprises most of the tasks. All pretty small, but may require significant expertise and mastery of Wordpress to either a) locate a better plug-in or b) be able to write code to edit the plug-ins to do what we need. Before starting, I need to know that this is all possible within the budget proposed to be done and will include edits until the right design and aesthetic is agreed on. V2 will be the much larger scope and project. Thank you!


  • Web Development
  • 1 to 3 monthsProject Length

  • Intermidatehourly – (25 /hr)

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