work on Product Pictures for my shop and on my Corporate image

Posted 25d ago

Question i dont know if you want to do this or if i should contact a design / photo guy for this??? Please let me know your estimated time for pictures should be in the same imagery (frames gone, all with the same filter) around 1`000 pics and need to be placed back in the shop (could be discussed if i do that but then it would be less amount then 500 for me to pay please). Corporate image is the way a company looks in terms of its logos, corporate colors, design and other visual stimulation. Please create this or better to say adapt my power-yoga-zuerich to your previous work on yoga-shop-online please. It should be clear that the two belong together. There has to be a line in terms of design and font and colours. Both homepages should also be connected and refer to each other. Question how i do it there with external links? Because in general i want that other linked to my page but i don't want to link people outside in general, right?


  • Web Development
  • 1 to 3 monthsProject Length

  • Intermidatehourly โ€“ (25 /hr)

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