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Posted a month ago

I have a few problems to solve with the Wordpress plugin GiveWP. They give you the possibility to ask the donors to cover the card processing fees generated by their donation ( and the fees covered by the donation are not taken into account when the website visitors see the campaign progress by visiting the form page. The trouble is that - due to the fact that I'm running a multi-language campaign - I need to use multiple forms (one per language) and then display the total money collected through the Multi-Form shortcode ( This shortcode is currently displaying the fees covered by the donor as part of the money collected, but it shouldn't I'd need to fix this. A second problem is that I'd like to use AffiliateWP to collaborate with influencers to lead potential donors to my campaign and I'd like to offer them a % on the donations they generate. The % is specified at an affiliate level (each affiliate / influencer can negotiate a different %) and this is all implemented in AffiliateWP. What I need is the influencer % not to show up in the donation form progress and consequently in the calculation of the total money collected in the Multi-Form shortcode. Ideally, I'd implement these changes as two separate plugins, so that the fixes can still work even if I update the GiveWP or the AffiliateWP plugins installed on my website. Let me know if you need further information to make a quote. If you'd like I could send you the plugins so you can have a look at the code. Issue #1 should be a quick and easy fix. I expect issue #2 to be a little more involved.


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